Track 2 Presentation and Proceedings

Papers Accepted for Track 2 Presentation and 2017 MAIREINFRA Proceedings

Please use 2_skytrustgmail-com_paper_template_1. Name the file as 2_EmailAddress_First_Last_Name_of_Corresponding Authors_1 (example: 2_skytrust@gmail.com_David_Lee_1). The maximum file size you can upload is 50 MB.

**Uploading progress bar will only start after clicking the ‘Submit’ button. Email, first and last name are required. Even if you do not receive any confirmation message, it has been submitted well. Please do not submit the same paper multiple times. You will receive an email of confirmation after the deadline of April 30.

Please send an email to if you have an error message or have a difficulty in uploading a file.

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