Please click to watch a video where the Billboard Chart #1 BTS sings about the touring of Seoul….

Two tour programs will be offered as follows: 1) spouse tour on July 17 and 18 ($300) and 2) foreign participants and foreigners living in Korea on July 20 (free).

The pictures below are 1) the bus to Incheon and 2) Incheon Airport during 2017 MAIREINFRA. Pictures below, from top left to bottom right, are: 1) Korean Traditional Music at Kyungbok Palace in Seoul, 2) Man is creating a shadow for woman at the beach in Jeju Island (like Hawaii), 3) English man eating Sam Gye Tang in Seoul, 4) American eating Whole Chicken Soup in Dong Dae Mun Market, 5) Northern Irish and Greek men eating pork ribs roasted on a grill, 6) British and Korean visiting Blue House (like While House), and 7) Seol-Ak Mountains in Sok-Cho City. Using a KTX bullet train in South Korea, you can go to any place  in less than three hours (i.e., 2.5 hours from Seoul to Busan).  The JW Marriott Seoul conference hotel is connected to the Kangnam Express Bus Terminal, where you can take a bus to everywhere in Korea and Shinsegae Department Store/GoTo Mall, where you can find everything that you need for your family and friends. The hotel is very conveniently located to all Kangnam-style attractions.

The following sites have everything you want to know about tours in  Korea.

There are so many tour companies who can arrange tours from a half-day to a full-day. DMZ is a popular destination for visitors.  Please click the link to see some tour options. This tour company show each tour option with a reasonable price.